About Fana

Love is what we do. For generations, we have found happiness in helping couples celebrate their one-of- a-kind love through extraordinary jewelry. Each piece we craft is made with love and for love. Because we believe in expressing the most powerful force on Earth.

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The Fana Story

A glance, a touch, a moment — a love story can begin anywhere, anytime. Then one day, you both realize that you can’t imagine life without one another.

The Fana love story is no different. The family behind Fana holds a rich tradition of creating elegant jewelry for sophisticated clients that goes back several generations. Their legacy merges a love for craftsmanship, elegance and timelessness of fine jewelry with modern styles that can be worn every day, regardless of the occasion.

Life without beautiful, significant jewelry is unimaginable. To us, it isn’t just manufacturing a ring or a pendant. It’s expertly crafting the manifestation of your unique story. It’s an expression of love and joy, and we take immense pride in each and every piece that passes through our hands.

Available Locations

Borrego Fine Jewelry | Boerne, Tx