Piero Milano

About Piero Milano

Each creation is always a small step towards the realization of your desires, the promise to make your story unique and memorable all the best moments. We do this by selecting and shaping with expert hands the most precious materials such as gold, diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones, dedicating to the processing of jewelry all the necessary care to make them perfect for you. But what makes the result truly unique is the attention and control that takes place in every single stage of processing that takes place through the most traditional methods supported by the most sophisticated technologies.

Key Features

Fine Jewelry
Engagement Rings
Fashion Jewelry
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The Piero Milano Story

We would like to tell you a story, but not of those that end, ours is a story that begins and we will continue to write together, discovering how it continues. Yes, because we have been creating an exciting and unforgettable adventure for more than sixty years.

It all started with Piero Milano and Luigi Benzi who, thanks to their passion and dedication, built a solid company that was able to prosper, thanks to the next generation, new lines of jewelry that became symbols of excellence and prestige.

This is because we believe that between the past and the future there is a moment, which is today, that inextricably links what we were and what we are but above all, that gives value to every small work of art that embodies a precise style and a history, together!

Available Locations

Borrego Fine Jewelry | New Braunfels, Tx
Borrego Fine Jewelry | Boerne, Tx