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Our jewelry store was designed with the client in mind. We wanted to give you an in depth walk through so you could know exactly what to expect when you visit. Take a peak through our store below and find out why we chose to design our store the way we did.

The Showroom

Here at Borrego Fine Jewelry, it is the people you have creating those special relationships and creating the ultimate shopping experience.

Our approach to the showroom design was to create a bright boutique style. The floor is an open concept so it would be warm and inviting to people.

We chose to outfit the showroom with bright LED lighting to showcase all our design collections in a fantastic visual display.

The Diamond Room

A diamond room is a separated office where you can give a one on one diamond presentation/consultation with all of the professional diamond observing equipment.

This is needed to have privacy with important decisions and allow people to see every facet of the diamond that is needed to make an educated decision.

The diamond room was the final and finishing touch to the Borrego Fine Jewelry Store.

The Custom Jewelry Shop

The creative design offers the community an open concept to our design work. You can see right into it assuring that everyone who comes in has full transparency into our work.

With our shop and all of the equipment, one of my favorite pieces of machinery is our new Orion micro laser for welding. It’s a fun piece of equipment that allows us to sculpt jewelry to the smallest of detail.

The Reception Area

We brew fresh coffee for all of our guests! We have bottled water, snacks and even wine if you’re in the mood to celebrate.

We hope this makes you feel welcomed and at home while you visit.

The Finishing Touches

When people walk into the store, we want them to feel like it’s a dream come true. We have always had a loving passion for the business and creating those wonderful relationships with every person we meet.

Our store is a reflection of that and we hope to see you there soon. If you’re in the Texas Hill Country area, be sure to stop by. Thank you, from our family to yours!

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